Flying To London


During my latest flight, the team were excellent, as well as always, but I believed that the overall, the service, food, the interior has the air of seen better days. We didn’t know that whenever they re-issued our ticket, THEY CANCELLED OUR RETURN FLIGHT. We discovered that they gave us an one way daily before our return. We called them asked if they can extend the trip and they said they might do nothing. So we called our 3rd party who we went through plus they were more helpful. My trip from Heathrow to SFO was on this newer Air Bus on Saturdays, 2018.

Nobody comforted her whatsoever because the flight attendant was busy finding another passenger another seat. Finally, the BA trip attendant came back to inform her that they discovered another seat for another passenger so they wouldn’t be forcing her to move. Just as I settled in for this airport a loud argument broke out between a passenger and a trip attendance. Then in the previous hour or so of the trip, a number of cranky male flight man came by handing out rolls as a snack. In all fairness, the aeroplane was amazing and a safe trip is exactly what we all want and we got that.

My compliments to the trip crew and the trip mechanisms for keeping us safe. Twice I arrived at my destination 4 hours late, once we all sat on this asphalt for 3.5 hours with no airconditioning, and the worst was coming to Cairo airport at 5: 30 for a trip to Phoenix and being told that due to technical difficulties THEY WEREN’T SENDING A PLANE! following the last debacle, I decided to not fly again. For an imminent trip to Spain, my travel agent had to book me about BA flights throughout the tour company. Lastly, my bag arrives on Sunday 10: 30 pm! And I got to Santorini about Thursday night! Sorry to add to the long story, however in this way back from Santorini to London.

The plane was understaffed did not Serve beverages and food THAT WE PAID FOR until 3 hours to the flight! My daughter fell asleep and didn’t have one sip of water. Prior to leaving on our trip this flights had been cancelled and changed so often times it was hard to keep track. The flight took off and after that Was re-routed back to London due to weather and German airspace closing. The communication to passengers was dreadful and it took 2 hours waiting in line to get a hotel room, only to learn that they still had not rebooked my flight.